Poetry & Free Verse

Not Making Sense

You only see what you want to see

You don’t see what’s inside of me

Oh this is beyond cheesy

But it’s what my mind is giving to me.

Maybe I am a bubble headed girl

Dancing around in this face value world

But I refuse to sing this song

On the planet of

Dances gone wrong.

When you let your mind roam free

It gives you pieces of a symphony

Played by amateurs and bunnies




In time to their own beat

Nothing matches

Nothing makes sense

But it’s all the same

To you

And to me.

(This is definitely a Mad Hatter Riddlish kind of vibe… I want to delete it but I kind of love it. Enjoy. – Apple)

Look Back

I gave you a part of me

A simple part

A little part

But a part

And you tossed it away

So easily

Like it was nothing

Against the rocks of this jagged

And jaded world.

You didn’t even look back

To see the tears

Free falling

From these honey colored eyes

Making them red and rusted

Permanently changed

Permanently different

Permanently frozen

Like the sand on a shore

At midnight.

You didn’t even look back

Didn’t even

Look back.

last edited January 1st, 2019

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