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BURLESQUE ROUTINES: [and a growing library of video recordings]

Cheerleader burlesque Deathproof Appel Angel Dr. Sketchy's Tulsa
The Cheerleader, in a tribute to Quentin Tatantino’s Deathproof, this routine is sultry and sexy.
He’s a Dream, an 80’s classic song brought to life in this nerdlesque  mashup of Star Trek and the Big Bang Theory where Sheldon is the real Captain.
  • Hungry Like the Wolf, Little Red isn’t standing by and letting the Wolf win in this sexy neoburlesque routine to the 80’s classic. [photo coming]
I’m No Angel, a classic burlesque routine in the style of Mae West.


Apple Angel ApplenAngel burlesque Oklahoma City
J’adore, only the French could say what a woman truly feels when she’s been done wrong and only Apple can cross that line so seductively, in this dark sexy act filled with softness,  passion, and deception
AA Cdlc Lilly 7
Lilly, in a tribute to Apple’s favorite stage & screen actress, Judi Dench, you are transported to a fabulous time in showgirl fashion history by way of the movie “Nine”
  • Living Dolly, an 80’s classic brought sexily to life in a neoburlesque routine. [photo coming]
Mad Tease Party
Mad Tease Party, when the run of the mill Tea Party just isn’t enough, a Mad Hatter is just what you need and Apple will bring her special brew for you!
Maneater, an 80’s classic brought sexily to life in a neoburlesque routine.
  • Mr. Rogers Goes a Flogging, a fetish inspired neo burlesque routine that turns your childhood on its ear. [photo coming]
The Naughty Housewife when the music takes over she can’t help but shimmy and shake in this neoburlesque number.
Pinkie Pie, your childhood sweet pony is all grown up and ready to play in the adult playground in this fetish themed act.
Play With Fire, a seductive take on a classic burlesque style.
Apple Angel Applenangel Burlesque Oklahoma TnT
The Sultry SeaWitch, making a deal with the devil has ever felt so good. Apple will tempt you to sign that dotted line, if only so she’ll show you the fine print!
Apple Angel boobs performing fetish burlesque at Nude Art Show in Tulsa
Venus in Furs, a neoburlesque trip down a foot fetish dream.

last edited January 1st, 2019

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