I didn’t know her before I stepped into the warm, almost hot, orangerie but she was The One. Damn, she was beautiful. Tall, curvy, and beyond special. She was something. I had to get close to her. I had to see her. Even after that first meeting I had to go back and try to see her again. Why were people in my way? Why were they so close to her? Why wouldn’t they just move? Couldn’t they see they were between a woman and her new love?

Oh… I bet you are wondering who has me so twitterpated? The beautiful, exotic Izzy. Who’s Izzy? She’s a Corpse Flower (Amorphophallus titanum)

at the Missouri Botanical Gardens who drew in my dark soul and made me love her. Beautiful Izzy is a strange, green, tall lovely who smells of death when she blooms and her inner loveliness is a dark, deep shade of purple.

No, I didn’t get to see her bloom while on my visit to the Gardens but I did get to bask in her otherworldly weirdness. I have been watching the live feed of her every day since I have been home from my trip. She’s stunning. To see her bloom was amazing (even if it was only on my computer screen). I can only say that I’m sad to not have gotten to smell the scent first hand. Some say it is like rotten mean but some say it’s more floral. I’m sure I would have liked it. I’m strange like that. I won’t know, unless I have perfect timing someday.

Izzy, I’ll be back. Wait for me…

Give my baby some money and then watch a video from a 2014 bloom 🙂

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