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Taking It All Off

Come with me on a journey. I found myself buried beneath a stack of fashion magazines. It was a Saturday, I believe. In more than one of these glossy publications I read articles about makeup. Now, this isn’t exactly world shaking news. Finding makeup articles in fashion mags is pretty regular and quite normal but […]

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Izzy… I didn’t know her before I stepped into the warm, almost hot, orangerie but she was The One. Damn, she was beautiful. Tall, curvy, and beyond special. She was something. I had to get close to her. I had to see her. Even after that first meeting I had to go back and try […]

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My Ass Made You an Ass

Well, it happened. I post a photo and a woman hated on it. At first, I was livid… actually, at first I was hurt. Why would someone post something rude on my pic? Why wouldn’t they just go away? The part that really gets me is, it’s the first interaction this person has ever had […]

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DCC Blog

Apple Angel Cosplay Oklahoma City The Joker

Well, I’m all settled back into my faerie tale stylized bedroom in the world of Apple but just a few days ago… I was in Gotham City, Hogsmeade, Metropolis, Mutant Town, Dark City, Seymour’s Bay, and many other fabulous locales.. What does that mean? Have I mastered time travel? Can I teleport? No, I was at Dallas Comic Con, […]

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My first blog post . . .

Today I give you my first blog for my new website. It’s a long time coming. I’ve been slacking on the writing front but I went to bed last night inspired to write and I allowed myself time this morning to do just that. I’m going to get back into that “routine” again. I am […]

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