My Ass Made You an Ass

Well, it happened. I post a photo and a woman hated on it. At first, I was livid… actually, at first I was hurt. Why would someone post something rude on my pic? Why wouldn’t they just go away? The part that really gets me is, it’s the first interaction this person has ever had with me. No “hello” just right to “bad ass – with a thumbs down emoji” Aww, really?

Now, here’s the thing… I don’t expect every person on the planet to look at a photo of a performance shot of my booty and go “damn! That’s a nice one!” but my UNPHOTOSHOPPED booty is pretty nice!

And yes, it’s mine. It’s all natural. I actually had to stop myself from commenting back to this woman asking what it was about my pic that made her stop her self imposed lurking on my page. What magic was in that shot that made her decide to type away at me? Was it the REALITY of a woman who is NOT PERFECT who had the sheer audacity to post something that isn’t airbrushed into the American society’s view of acceptable? Maybe it’s because I was brassy enough to just GO FOR IT?

Whatever her reason… she posted her rudeness and I left it there (along with the nice comments from the people who are actually my fans). I won’t use the word “hater” because she doesn’t even know me. She’s probably just a sad woman who had nothing better to do than peep on my awesomeness and post something thinking she would bring me down.

OOPS… Mission FAIL!! I’m still going to show off these curves. I’m still going to share performance shots where not every bit of my bod is perfect but it’s perfect for me! So, thanks random woman, you did nothing but make an ASS out of yourself.