Taking It All Off

Come with me on a journey. I found myself buried beneath a stack of fashion magazines. It was a Saturday, I believe. In more than one of these glossy publications I read articles about makeup. Now, this isn’t exactly world shaking news. Finding makeup articles in fashion mags is pretty regular and quite normal but […]

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New Merch!

Get a slice of Apple before there’s none left! Bachelor Pad Night Cap 2016 4×6     J’Adore and Sea Witch Photos 8×10   Dark Bunny Photo

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Thanks, Scooter!

ApplenAngel Apple Angel Studio Hadra Bachelor Pad Java Scooter Harris boobs

Thanks, Scooter, for the compliment on my column Polishing the Apple and my . . . naughty pics in the new Bachelor Pad Night Cap Edition #4!

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My cups . . . runneth over

ApplenAngel Apple Angel boobs Becca Winter Becca's Bombshells

Cheeky artist Becca Whittaker couldn’t resist sketching my pic from the Polishing the Apple column in the latest Bachelor Pad Nightcap 😉

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Happy Hour . . .

Apple Angel ApplenAngel boobs topless model NightCap Night Cap Bachelor Pad Polishing the Apple

Get YOUR copy of Bachelor Pad Nightcap Summer 2015 to see Apple Angel’s naughty “Polishing the Apple” column and naughtier pics!

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