Taking It All Off

Come with me on a journey.

I found myself buried beneath a stack of fashion magazines. It was a Saturday, I believe. In more than one of these glossy publications I read articles about makeup. Now, this isn’t exactly world shaking news. Finding makeup articles in fashion mags is pretty regular and quite normal but these articles were different. These articles were about NOT wearing makeup. Specifically, these articles were about not wearing makeup for a certain period of time. 7 days.

Now, I have a love of makeup. I also have a hate of my rosie red nose and cheek area so makeup is a daily thing for me. Could I do a 7 day makeup free challenge? I debated and debated with myself and decided I would give it a try. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? OH. People could think I look terrible. People could think I’m sick. People could be rude. People could be horrible. Oh, yeah… that.

Day 1:


Here is what I posted on Facebook to go with my photo:

“Today begins my One Week Makeup Free Challenge. I’ve been reading a lot about how it helps you see who you are and all that Sooo… I’m diving in. We’ll see how it goes.

This is just moisturiser and lip balm. Wish me luck. Makeup is something I always wear so this may be difficult for me. I’m hoping it isn’t. I’m really hoping it isn’t.”

One Day 1 I got 57 likes and 11 loves on Facebook. I also got 15 positive comments. I also got skin care advice from someone I don’t know. Um… I know that makeup isn’t awesome for my skin but I love it so… shove off.

Day 1 musings: It wasn’t so hard. I felt good about it and liked the focus on my hazel eyes. I wore a necklace from Once Upon a Time *the Black Swan one* for strength. Yes, I use various talismans in my daily life. You’re learning a bit more about me than you thought you were, aren’t you?

Day 2:


Here is what I posted on FB to go with my daily photo:

“Today will be interesting because I’m back at work. We’ll see if anyone notices.

** Two hours into my day and not a soul has noticed. Actually, they’ve mentioned how much they love my haircut and how great I look sooo… I guess they have noticed! (but no one has said anything about makeup!)

Day 2 got 45 likes and 8 loves on FB. It also got 3 comments. Not as big of a day for me.

On Day 2 I got a little bored so I began playing with a “selfie fixer” app that made me look like an anime character. I have played with it again lately but have not posted any of the photos. It did make me realize that some of the ladies that I adore on Instagram have really made an art out of their selfies. It also made me realize that I have no idea what they actually look like because they are editing the hell out of their images.

Day 3:


It appears that I didn’t post Day 3 on my Facebook but it made it to my Instagram. Here is my post:

“Day 3 of the no makeup challenge and it’s getting easier. I’m already becoming less self conscious. (Although today I grabbed rumplestiltskin for backup.) ** this meaning that I wore a necklace from Once again today and it was Rumple. **

Day 3 on Insta got 27 likes and 6 comments. My favorite was about my eyebrows!

I began the day wearing a headband but took it off because it felt too precious. I like to run my fingers through my hair.

Day 4:


The bloom is fading on this challenge…

“Day 4 of the No Makeup Challenge and I’m okay with it. I miss my makeup. I don’t miss it because I feel like I “need” it now but I miss it because it’s grown up coloring. I’m going to stick out the rest of my week but I know that I can go without makeup now and it’s not the end of the world. Soon… My beloved Armani lipsticks will be back on my lips and my Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrows will be back to their usual perfection. (I brought along my Once Upon a Time “Black Swan” necklace today for my boost.)”

Day 4 got 27 likes 1 love and 1 “OH!” on FB it also got 4 comments. This days comments were especially sweet.

Day 5:


“I’m annoyed by my own No Makeup Challenge. 5 days in and I’m bored with my own face. I miss makeup. Can I make it 2 more days??”

27 likes 1 love and 1 laughing face (mean laughing face. I’m suffering!)

12 comments. Some great female and male support. Some male comments that show me that they really didn’t understand this challenge.

This isn’t about me not thinking I’m not “beautiful” without makeup. Everyone has beauty. I think I have beauty. I just wanted to see if I could hack it without makeup. 5 days in and I’m hating that I’ve put it on social media where I am held accountable. Only 2 more days.

Day 6:


This one didn’t make it on FB either. This challenge obviously annoyed me. I’m not good with not doing what I want. I’m used to being completely in charge. This little “breaking of the rules” shows that clearly.

Here’s from my IG:

“Day 6 of the no makeup challenge and I couldn’t help it. I needed a smattering of sheer red on my lips. My soul needed it. I needed some color.”

Obviously, I broke down and swiped some Armani Sheer Red no 400 on the lips for Day 6. My hair looked great and I went to the movies. (Saw Ghostbusters. It was a great movie.)

24 likes on IG. 1 Comment about how this is how a friend looks as opposed to my usual alter ego superhero look. I would rather be the superhero (well, villain).

Day 7:


This one was for the books! I went to a Comic Con without full face on! Seriously! That’s a miracle! I didn’t cosplay, which was hard.

I’ll give you both my FB and IG posts for this final one.


“Today has been crazy busy! Here’s my day 7 of my no makeup challenge. Yeah, I’m very read for makeup tomorrow. I’ve missed my colors and experimenting with new looks. #nomakeup #nofilter #nofun”

Yeah, I like the hashtags so I added them to the post. I was sure over this challenge.



Well… I didn’t post on FB. Oops. It is very obvious to me that this challenge was truly challenging for me. Not being in control and all that.

So, no one was rude or mean to me. No one thought I was sick. No one really noticed at all. I realize that most of the people in my world knew that I was doing the challenge so they were “prewarned” but they weren’t shocked by my naked face.

I bent the rules on the last two days. Sue me. I know that I can go to the store or run errands or whatever without makeup on and I will be fine but I truly prefer wearing makeup.

A friend asked me what I learned from this and I replied “that I don’t NEED makeup but I damn sure love it!”

The moral of this story is:

Next time I do something like this there will be a REWARD at the end!

Sinfully yours,